The Issue Facing Us Today

Today’s ambitious women need a different kind of mentorship: on-demand, on the go, on their phones, relatable, and relevant to the specific situation they’re facing now. This is particularly true when they bump against one of a series of typical inflection points, whose outcome can either turbocharge or derail their lives.
For women earlier in the career cycle, these inflection points can include: first 90 days on the job, first time managing someone, first hire, first P&L, first product launch. Women later in the career cycle may confront: first executive role, first founder role, first fundraising, first sale of company, first purchase of company, first investor role, first Board role. And all women at various (and often repeated) points in their cycle will be confronted with personal issues, relationship challenges with family and/or partners, burnout, balancing family responsibilities, ethical issues and general mistakes.
A traditional mentor, if you can reach him or her, is still just one perspective, perhaps from a different time. Online content is too generic, and there’s a lot of noise and filler. And posting a question to one’s social networks can be too much visibility for someone who’s looking for help but doesn’t want to broadcast that she’s struggling at work or thinking of a career change.
These women aren’t looking to hear “you can do it.” They don’t want to hear how a celebrity CEO was once in their situation and it all worked out in the end.
They want specific decisions made, scripts used, and lessons learned – so they can leap over their current hurdle and keep on running.

The Lobas Network

The Lobas is a community of women from all different backgrounds and from across the world. Once joined, you will be hand placed into a Lobas Pack that fits your needs. This is called your home base pack. Other packs can be joined for more specific issues that may be important, like creative inspiration or relationship challenges. These packs are all focused on specific inflection points, so it’s relevant. It’s specific vs. generic, recent vs. dated, digital vs. analog. It’s multiple perspectives and data points vs. just a few based on who is available in your network.
The network helps to inspire, challenge, and connect women across all borders. Even if they don’t know each other at first, there is a kinship and trust that comes from their shared experience, which allows them to appreciate and benefit from their diversity of backgrounds and experiences.
Each interaction is warm and supportive but also has certain standards of rigor and respect. It’s also a thought provoking opportunity to get a glimpse into paths not taken, or potential paths still available.

What is The Loba?

Within every woman there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. ‘La Loba’ is the Wolf Woman who gathers the bones and sings over them to bring them back to life – literally re-membering them with her magical song – a powerful image of the Crone as not only the midwife of souls but she is who is the catalyst for renewal and rebirth.
–Women Who Run With The Wolves, by Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Lobas Pack Leaders


The lobas_Lily liu 2


Lily is the founder of PublicStuff, which is a civic engagement platform designed to promote communication between local government and residents. PublicStuff is utilized in small to large cities across the world, including Palo Alto, Philadelphia and New York City. The company was acquired by Accela in 2015. Lily was named one of Forbes’ 30 under 30′ top entrepreneurs and Business Insiders people to watch. She received her Master of Science from Carnegie Mellon University, is a self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie, and a lover of the arts. Learn more about her at



Clara is co-Founder and Board Chair of Generation Enterprise, a US- and Nigeria- based nonprofit that builds Social Mobility Enterprises, businesses that help “street youth.” She is also a Senior Director at Jackson Hewitt Tax Service, where she designs and launches products to help low-income individuals. She is a co-leader for a Women’s Circle for the Stanford Graduate School of Business and a member of Project Redwood, a venture philanthropy group of Stanford GSB alumni.
Previously, she has held leadership roles at McKinsey & Company, Hearst Corporation, and the New York City Economic Development Corporation.




Executive at Goldman Sachs and have been in C-level roles at various financial firms for over a decade. Looking forward to supporting other women along their paths.




I’m a personal coach that’s focused on lifestyle balance–everything from your nutrition, physical activity to energy balance.

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